Thursday, 20 December 2012

Felting and the magic

I am back, looking for something new, different, more profound and magical.

Travel does that to you somehow. It takes you on a journey, not just an A to B journey, but a more profound one. In my case going back in time to places lived,  memories thought lost, 14 years of catching up that can´t be done in two weeks. But we tried and I saw the magic.  My family, my sisters and friends welcomed me into their homes and families .

 I saw this magic and was humbled by it. It was profound. The magic of giving. It has stirred up emotions. Inspired me to give more. Created a need to pass on this magic.

When I started creating felted wraps, they were not initially made for brides.  Unintentionally, I was involved,  in unique and real love stories.  Brides from around the world bought my wraps. Classical ones, sometimes vintage, occasionally boho.  Rushes to post offices and then, later,  (sometimes much later and sometimes never) photos were received.


... to those who let me participate in their magical moment in 2012 

For 2013; 

I wish to pass on this magic and I am creating, felting, something different. Something profound, something magical, something for you.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Felting, Family and Friends

 I am back from my trip to New York, USA and to Surrey, Devon and York, UK. Back from a felting workshop with Liz Clay

 back from seeing my mum again, from having tea and going shopping with my sisters, meeting up with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins and  meeting my niece for the second time in her 14 years of life.

Back from meeting meeting Charity Van der Meer for lunch in London to
finalize details of her trip to Buenos Aires and Chile

 I am back with my felt wraps,  my felting friends,  back to the organizing of  Charity´s felting workshops and back to the magic that comes with felting.
I am back and I am looking for something new. I am not sure what it is yet. Something different, more profound and more magical.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Silk Chiffon Bridal Wrap and Silk Flowers for a Bridal Cape

As I will be traveling  to the USA this weekend  and then on to England next weekend, I have been busy finishing off a new felted bridal wrap, adding silk flowers to a bridal cape and getting them photographed and onto etsy before I leave.

Here is my latest bridal wrap, finished, photographed and up on etsy. The idea for this wrap came from Rutuko Sakata´s workshop I attended earlier in the year. Rutzuko creates the most beautiful wraps with very clear lines and that became the objective for my latest bridal wrap project. I played for a while with the design making  lines using merino wool top and once I was happy with the design then I added pongee silk and felted all into the silk chiffon. The transparency of the silk chiffon gives the clearly defined pattern of straight lines and twirls a hollywood glamor look to it.

I finally got round to adding some silk flowers to a bridal cape I made a while ago. I always thought the cape looked a bit plain and needed something to brighted it up a bit and I am happy  to say the silk flowers did more than that as the cape now looks amazing!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Felt United Day

Every first saturday in October, felters from around the globe celebrate showing their work to the rest of the world.
I must admit that this year I let the day pass by without much celebration, mainly as I was in the middle of organising a trip to England to catch up with family and friends.

I feel a bit guilty that I did not celebrate this important date felting something special to put up on the Felt United Facebook page, as so many other felters did, but as I sat down today and thought about it, I have actually been celebrating felting most of this year.

My felting year started with Andrea Graham, taking a few of her webcam classes around february.  I made a couple of hats, a felted landscape and one of her pods.

In March I took a felting class with Rutsuko Sakata here in Buenos Aires

In June, I travelled to Massachusetts to make a nuno felted coat with Charity Van Der Meer.

Recently I was invited to Siv Goransson´s felted fashion show

In November I will be travelling from Yorkshire to Devon where I will be taking Liz Clay´s hand felted flounced scarf course.

Finally, I have been working for some months now on next years Felt United day.  As some of you already know, next year Charity Van Der Meer will be visiting South America to give 3 of her courses; nuno felted dress, summer jacket and winter coat. She will be in Buenos Aires and Chile and possibly Brazil.

Ok, so now I dont feel so guilty, Happy Felt United to all of you!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Felted Fashion in Buenos Aires

Last Thursday Siv Goransson put on her first felted fashion show at the Sweedish Embassadors residence in Buenos Aires. Although Siv has lived in Montevideo, Uruguay for many years now, she is originally from Sweeden and her nordic origins could be clearly seen in her collection.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the event and here below you can see some of her felted creations.
Congratulations Siv!!!!

 El Jueves pasado Siv Goransson expuso sus prendas de fieltro en un desfile que se presento en la residencia de la Embajadora del Reino de Suecia.  Siv de origen Sueco, vive en Montevideo, Uruguay desde hace muchos años.
En esa oportunidad se presentaron modelos muy llamativos por su creatividad y originalidad los cuales dejan translucir su origen nordico.

Friday, 21 September 2012

 Friday again...where do the days go????

In between knitting, checking my mail, Etsy, sending photos from this weeks choir rehersal to my fellow choristers etc I have been trying to remember exactly what I have done this week......
First of all the weather has been terrible; cold, wet and windy and to be honest the idea of going out just didnt tickle my fancy... so I stayed home most of the week and caught up on some knitting.
For those of you who didnt know, I also have a knitting shop on Etsy and right now I have a couple of knitting projects on the go right, the first, another vintage pattern for Rachel in the UK and secondly I am knitting a winter coat for Marcela here in BA. Both projects are coming on nicely and will be finished most probably in the next week! Pictures of both to come soon.

Late last night I caught up on the Etsy Expat´s weekly treasury and if you click on the link you will be able to see some fab items from a few friends shops and this brilliant photo from my sisters shop.

Now I am off to the studio to see if I can whip up a scarf or waistcoat to wear next week as I have been invited to a  very interesting fashion show.

Happy Spring /Fall wherever you are.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday review

Silk scarf
This week I have spent my time at the studio felting silk to make a waistcoat and  making a wedding wrap. At home I have been dyeing silk and wool top and kntting for a two customers.
At the studio I felted some silk to make a waistcoat based on a design I had already made for a silk scarf. I liked the design and colors so much I decided to also make a larger wedding wrap in the same design .

This week I have had to do some dyeing for a couple of orders, one is for a friend who has been invited to a wedding in december and is looking for a wrap to go with her dress,  here you can see the samples I made for her.
This morning I have been dyeing some more silk and wool for an etsy order of a silk scarf, once the wool is dry I will be off to the studio to make the scarf and ship it off.

 Next blog post will be about Chairty Van Der Meer, photos of her collectons and more information on her trip to South America next year... stay tuned..

 Until then, here are a couple of photos from one of her collections.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nuno felting with Charity Van Der Meer /Fieltro con Charity Van Der Meer

Felters paradise
When I arrived to the New England Felting Supplies I saw that the other felters had previously reserved their packs of material which included hand dyed silk, merino top and other embellishments such as neps and silk hankies, to match the color of the silk. I had some white pongee silk with me so with Charity we started shopping for the other materials I would need and this is more or less what I bought; Merino/Silk top, raw silk, silk hankies, locks, wool neps, alpaca/silk top... this place really is a felters paradise!!!! Below you can see Charity showing us all how to prepare the collar so that when we are wearing it all the fantastic materials we used to embellish are revealed, further below are photos of the laying out of my coat and materials and finally a photo of me wearing my nuno silk felted coat.

In 2013 Charity will be coming to Argentina to give 3 of her felting courses; Nuno felted dress, nuno felted short jacket and nuno felted long coat. If you are interested in participating in any of these courses then contact me and i will send you further information.

Charity showing us how to prepare the collar

almost ready to start felting
the laying out of all the materials
Cuando llegue a New England Felting Supplies vi que los demas habian previamente reservado sus pack de materiales. Por suerte habia llevado una cuantas metros de seda blanco y Charity me ayudo a comprar los demas materiales., compre pañuelos de seda, neps de lana, mezclas de merino y seda y alpaca y seda y algunas cosas mas para agregar textura. En los fotos pueden ver a Charity mostrandonos como poner las sedas en el cuello y otras fotos mostrando parte del proceso de como se fue haciendo mi tapado.
En el 2013 Charity vendra a la Argentina a dictar 3 cursos de fieltro nuno, un vestido, un saco de verano y el mismo curso de tapado que hice yo con ella.
Si quieren mas informacion sobre los cursos comunicate conmigo que ya estoy organizando todo!!
the final product!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

New England Felting Supplies and Charity Van Der Meers Felting Course

The last part of my trip to the USA was just as wonderful as visiting my sister in South Carolina and the Vortex Healing Energy Course in New York. I travelled up from New York to Massachusetes on the Amtrax the day before the start of the course and went straight to Park Street B&B where I would be staying with 2 other felters.

La ultima parte de mi viaje a USA fue tan maravilloso como ir a Carolina del Sur a visitar a mi hermana.y realizar el curso de Vortex - energia sanadora en New York. De este lugar viaje en el tren a Massachusetes llegando el dia antes de tomar el curso de fieltro con Charity Van der Meer.

the room i stayed in (thanks Sue)
Patty ouside the B&B

locally hand dyed silks
Charitys course was a 3 day course to make a Nuno Felted Coat, we worked hard from 9 til 5.30 for the 3 days but it was well worth it as you will see from my finished coat.

El curso que hice con Charity fue para confeccionar un tapado utilizando la tecnica del Fieltro Nuno. Trabajamos mucho los 3 dias pero los resultados fueron increibles!!!!!!!!
Charity giving us our first instructions

New England Felting Supplies was a fantastic place!!!. It is a felters paradise as you can buy there anything and everything you could ever need for your felting projects. Thanks Christine, Stacey and the rest of the ladies that helped us all during the course!!

New England Felting Supplies es un lugar donde los que hacen fieltro pueden encontrar todo lo que necesitan para cualquier projecto sea agujado, nuno o el fieltro comun. Se puede consiguir sedas, pañuelos de seda teñido en colores bellisimos, una multitud de distinctos tipos de vellon y mucho mas.

Here I am wearing my Nuno Silk Felted Coat
new england felting supplies

On the last day of the course we all wore our coats and took photos of our creations..... More photos coming in my next post and information about Charitys courses next year here in Buenos Aires and  maybe in Chile.

El ultimo dia del curso con Charity nos pusimos nuestros creaciones y nos sacamos fotos. En mi proximo web post van a encontrar mas fotos de mi tapado e importante informacion sobre los cursos que va a dar Charity el año que viene aqui en Buenos Aires y tal vez en Chile.

Friday, 31 August 2012

New York

After visiting my sister in South Carolina I flew to New York and spent a wonderful week sharing an apartment in Greenwich village with two other girls while we all did a vortex energy healing course. The bar in the photo below was an excellent place to eat Italian pastries and a great coffee.

Every morning with Diane and Meredis we stopped for breakfast on 6th avenue before walking up to 7th and 29th for our course.

Lunch time was a great excuse for us all to stretch our legs after long meditations and so with Cristina, a friend from Buenos Aires we stopped at the whole food store to buy a salad and headed for the sky walk.

After class we walked the streets of New York on our way back to  the apartment and had dinner on the way. I was surprised to see so many beautiful gardens in front of apartments and houses as I walked home and couldnt resist taking photos of the flowers...

Thursday, 30 August 2012

South Carolina and Etsy

Before leaving Buenos Aires I followed the example of Jan from  fabriquefantastique a fellow Etsy Expat team members and took with me as many of the items from my Etsy shops as I could. My sister knew of private beach on the Island and one day we set off for the beach with our cameras and bags of items from our shops. Even though the day was fantastic the beach was absolutely deserted.  We walked along the beach looking for the best place to prepare our shoot and stopped when we found some dry tree branches sticking up out of the sand.

Beach bag from Arteentusmanos on Etsy
Silk felted wedding wrap with 3 D flowers from Feltnatural on Etsy
Crystal pave bracelet from Edgeappeal on Etsy