Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Silk Chiffon Bridal Wrap and Silk Flowers for a Bridal Cape

As I will be traveling  to the USA this weekend  and then on to England next weekend, I have been busy finishing off a new felted bridal wrap, adding silk flowers to a bridal cape and getting them photographed and onto etsy before I leave.

Here is my latest bridal wrap, finished, photographed and up on etsy. The idea for this wrap came from Rutuko Sakata´s workshop I attended earlier in the year. Rutzuko creates the most beautiful wraps with very clear lines and that became the objective for my latest bridal wrap project. I played for a while with the design making  lines using merino wool top and once I was happy with the design then I added pongee silk and felted all into the silk chiffon. The transparency of the silk chiffon gives the clearly defined pattern of straight lines and twirls a hollywood glamor look to it.

I finally got round to adding some silk flowers to a bridal cape I made a while ago. I always thought the cape looked a bit plain and needed something to brighted it up a bit and I am happy  to say the silk flowers did more than that as the cape now looks amazing!!