Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Sharit's new workshops and a new baby

3 weeks into this new year and its all go, new plans and new projects are already underway. 

First of all Sharit is returning to Buenos Aires November 4-12 with a 4 day combined workshop and a three day jacket/coat workshop. All the details coming shortly when Sharit arrives back from her trip to Africa next week.

Secondly, my dear friend Lila is expecting her first baby. Luna Catalina, is due in April so i am busy preparing blankets and coverlets, booties and little last a little girl to make girly things for:)
Yes,I know, the dress probably fits a 2 year old and the first booties I made a doll, but I will get there with the right sizes soon.

So far I have made a lovely white silk cot coverlet, both sides made of silk and soft merino wool felted into the silk and a silk/wool blanket with silk in one side and soft merino wool n the other.