Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday review

Silk scarf
This week I have spent my time at the studio felting silk to make a waistcoat and  making a wedding wrap. At home I have been dyeing silk and wool top and kntting for a two customers.
At the studio I felted some silk to make a waistcoat based on a design I had already made for a silk scarf. I liked the design and colors so much I decided to also make a larger wedding wrap in the same design .

This week I have had to do some dyeing for a couple of orders, one is for a friend who has been invited to a wedding in december and is looking for a wrap to go with her dress,  here you can see the samples I made for her.
This morning I have been dyeing some more silk and wool for an etsy order of a silk scarf, once the wool is dry I will be off to the studio to make the scarf and ship it off.

 Next blog post will be about Chairty Van Der Meer, photos of her collectons and more information on her trip to South America next year... stay tuned..

 Until then, here are a couple of photos from one of her collections.

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