Thursday, 20 December 2012

Felting and the magic

I am back, looking for something new, different, more profound and magical.

Travel does that to you somehow. It takes you on a journey, not just an A to B journey, but a more profound one. In my case going back in time to places lived,  memories thought lost, 14 years of catching up that can´t be done in two weeks. But we tried and I saw the magic.  My family, my sisters and friends welcomed me into their homes and families .

 I saw this magic and was humbled by it. It was profound. The magic of giving. It has stirred up emotions. Inspired me to give more. Created a need to pass on this magic.

When I started creating felted wraps, they were not initially made for brides.  Unintentionally, I was involved,  in unique and real love stories.  Brides from around the world bought my wraps. Classical ones, sometimes vintage, occasionally boho.  Rushes to post offices and then, later,  (sometimes much later and sometimes never) photos were received.


... to those who let me participate in their magical moment in 2012 

For 2013; 

I wish to pass on this magic and I am creating, felting, something different. Something profound, something magical, something for you.


  1. Karen, just reading your eloquent and honest words make me miss my family!
    Hmm, wondering now what you have in store for 2013, sounds like changes are 'a stirring'.

  2. Such a lovely post. It is so nice to be involved in some folks special moments. What have you got up your (felted) sleeve for 2013??