Friday, 31 August 2012

New York

After visiting my sister in South Carolina I flew to New York and spent a wonderful week sharing an apartment in Greenwich village with two other girls while we all did a vortex energy healing course. The bar in the photo below was an excellent place to eat Italian pastries and a great coffee.

Every morning with Diane and Meredis we stopped for breakfast on 6th avenue before walking up to 7th and 29th for our course.

Lunch time was a great excuse for us all to stretch our legs after long meditations and so with Cristina, a friend from Buenos Aires we stopped at the whole food store to buy a salad and headed for the sky walk.

After class we walked the streets of New York on our way back to  the apartment and had dinner on the way. I was surprised to see so many beautiful gardens in front of apartments and houses as I walked home and couldnt resist taking photos of the flowers...

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  1. It is my goal one day to visit NYC. Looks like you are having alot of fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures.