Friday, 31 August 2012

New York

After visiting my sister in South Carolina I flew to New York and spent a wonderful week sharing an apartment in Greenwich village with two other girls while we all did a vortex energy healing course. The bar in the photo below was an excellent place to eat Italian pastries and a great coffee.

Every morning with Diane and Meredis we stopped for breakfast on 6th avenue before walking up to 7th and 29th for our course.

Lunch time was a great excuse for us all to stretch our legs after long meditations and so with Cristina, a friend from Buenos Aires we stopped at the whole food store to buy a salad and headed for the sky walk.

After class we walked the streets of New York on our way back to  the apartment and had dinner on the way. I was surprised to see so many beautiful gardens in front of apartments and houses as I walked home and couldnt resist taking photos of the flowers...

Thursday, 30 August 2012

South Carolina and Etsy

Before leaving Buenos Aires I followed the example of Jan from  fabriquefantastique a fellow Etsy Expat team members and took with me as many of the items from my Etsy shops as I could. My sister knew of private beach on the Island and one day we set off for the beach with our cameras and bags of items from our shops. Even though the day was fantastic the beach was absolutely deserted.  We walked along the beach looking for the best place to prepare our shoot and stopped when we found some dry tree branches sticking up out of the sand.

Beach bag from Arteentusmanos on Etsy
Silk felted wedding wrap with 3 D flowers from Feltnatural on Etsy
Crystal pave bracelet from Edgeappeal on Etsy

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

South Carolina continued...
Claire with her camera ready
As you can see I took lots of photos of the local environment, we visited a nature reserve, a private beach, and a private plantation all in one day!!! 1000 photos later i think i had putting into practise most of the tips my sister gave me on using my camera..

Plantation beach

the butterflies at honeywell

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
I have been away from this little space of mine for more time than I would like to admit! The year seems to have flown by and here i am trying to catch up with all the events between February and now. I won´t bore you with all the details of how my mother in law had two hip operations in three month, instead i will go straight to the more interesting events like my trip to USA to visit my sister in South Carolina, a trip to New York and then off to Massachusettes for a felting course.

my sister claire loves horses and took me to see some of her favourite ones at a nearby farm open to visitors, while we were there it started raining and i was surprised that i could capture the rain with my camera....

My time with my sister was spent not only on catching up with the 3 years since my last visit, but also shopping and taking hundreds of pictures... here are a few.....

coming soon... more of Hilton Head, New York and Massachusetts .....