Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sharit hanging out in Argentina

Here are some photos of Charity, not felting, dyeing or teaching  but just hanging out in Argentina....

It was great having you Charity, we got to know an incredibly talented and generous lady, learnt a lot and more than anything had fun at the same time... We look forward to learning with you again in November 2014!!!!

Relaxing after lunch

BBQ chicken

Enjoying a free afternoon sailing on the Rio de la Plata and trying out new things at the organic market Sabe la Tierra.

Making empanadas ... ( gracias Estella por enseñar a las dos:)

Shopping in Palermo!!!

Shopping for wool

A well deserved relax in Iguazu 

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  1. Thank you Karen i really had a wonderful time with you what an adventure.
    Yesss see you next year.