Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Felting in Holland with Sharit

Organizing Sharit's workshops in Buenos Aires was a lot of work. we met up in London to work out details, spoke on the phone and ohundreds of emails went back and forth.
Once Charity arrived to Buenos Aires it was all go, cutting silks, dyeing, wool, plastics, tapes, the hotel, heating water, coffee, lunches, tango classes, BBQ, trip to Iguazu falls, etc etc. we all had a fantastic time but no time for felting for me:(
Charity flew back to Holland on a Sunday and the following Saturday I flew to the UK to visit family, catch up with friends and then before flying back to BA I flew with my husband to Holland to do some felting with Charity in her home studio and do a little bit of  sightseeing.

We visited Groningen

The dress I wanted make

Working hard in Charity's studio
My dress starts to take shape

We visited Hawar, Charity gave a class, I did some shopping ..

My dress is finally ready!!! As I didnt make it my size, 
Charity modeled it for me... A perfect fit!!

Thank you Charity and Nol for a wonderful time!!!!! Until 2014

Back home in BA,I made another dress, here modeled by Fran.....

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  1. Your dress is beautiful! Boy have you been travelling a lot. Looks like you're having fun though!