Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I had a wonderful opportunity a week ago, to visit Silke´s workshop, learn a little about the artist herself and see some of her work.
This all came about because a friend, Monica, was participating in a silk workshop at the Metropolitan University. The group would be visiting Silke´s workshop as part of the course. They would be listening to Silke talk about her experiences with silk, see and touch different types of silk and before leaving be given a tour of some of her pieces of work.
Monica fell ill a few days before the visit and after seeking permission from the organizers of the silk workshop, asked me if i would like to take her place.
 The experience was wonderful, Silke told us lots about her experiences with silk, dyeing and with embroidering the silk with her sewing machine. Best of all was the artist herself giving us a tour of her work. Below are some of the pictures i took, but better still, here is a link to her website and a link to a youtube video showing her work.

 Hace una semana tuve la oporunidad de visitar el taller de Silke en Buenos Aires. La visita fue organizada por el taller de seda de la Universidad Metropolitana. Una amiga, Monica, estaba participando de este taller de seda pero se enfermo justo uno dias antes y me propuso tomar su lugar.
Hacia mucho que queria conocer el trabajo de Silke y esta fue la oportunidad!
Silke nos conto sobre su trabajo, las sedas, el teñido y la visita termino con un recorrido sobre algunos de sus trabajos... Expectacular!!!!! Si no conocen su trabajo visiten los links arriba asi los pueden conocer.

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