Monday, 6 February 2012

                    VALENTINE´S AND HEARTS

With Valentines day on the calender this month, I decided to make a new collection of Bridal Wraps with a Valentine´s theme to them. Hearts, ofcourse were on the menu.  I started the three wraps by cutting out some different sized hearts out of some previously felted silk.
These same hearts I used to make three quite different Bridal Wraps.

Pongee Silk with silk chiffon frill, felted silk hearts and felted silk collar

pongee silk bridal wrap with imprinted felted hearts and silk frill

Pale Paris Pink Pongee Silk Bridal Wrap with silk felted hearts and felted silk band around the edges and double silk frill        


  1. Love Them All! A "petite faiblesse" for the Pink hearts.

  2. These wraps are stunning Karen makes me want to get married all over again ;~D